A Waco native and faithful Christian, Pete Sessions is a pro-life conservative who once represented much of our congressional district.

In Congress, Pete Sessions defended our gun rights, protected our religious liberty, and stood with President Trump to build the border wall. Pete was also part of the House Republican team in the late 1990s that balanced the budget four years in a row.

Pete Sessions on Immigration and his plan to help President Trump stop welfare abuse by legal immigrants

President Trump is trying to implement a new rule to reduce the number of non-citizens on welfare. Pete Sessions will fight to put the Trump Public Charge Rule into law… ensuring its enforcement in the future.

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Proven Conservative Principles

Pro-Second Amendment

Pete is a lifetime member of the Texas Rifle Association and maintained a solid “A” rating from the NRA for his votes in Congress. He is endorsed by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund.


Last year, House Democrats passed a bill that would deny rights of parents to stop their minor children obtaining sex-change operations or hormone treatments. Curricula in many school districts are teaching children that transgender lifestyles are “normal.” Pete will stop laws that take away parental rights.


While in Congress, Pete had a 100% lifetime voting record with National Right to Life.

Pro-Farmer and Rancher

Texas Farm Bureau gave Pete a 100% lifetime voting record.

Proven Conservative Leadership

While in Congress, Pete had the following lifetime voting records:

National Federation of Independent Business: 100%
Texas Farm Bureau: 100%
National Right to Life: 100%
NumbersUSA: “A” Rating
National Rifle Association: “A” Rating
American Conservative Union: 94%
Spirit of Enterprise, Chamber of Commerce Award: 91%

From 2017 through 2018, Pete supported President Trump 98% of the time.

Pete wants to go back to Congress to complete some unfinished business.

  1. Lead Republicans in re-taking the majority and removing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker
  2. Help President Trump finish building the wall and reform our
    immigration policies
  3. Balance the budget without any new tax increases

Pete Sessions is asking for your vote to complete the “unfinished” business.